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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Me and emily finding for a guilted bag ...
at last we bought the same bag.
but different colour and size Xp..
Hope to buy a couple T wit u haha^^

Monday, February 8, 2010

Emily came at 2.3o and his dad fetch us to sunway ..
We when for the movie 'tiger woo hoo' and shopping at sunway
when we reach there we rush to the cinema to buy ticket
and than go bbq plaza to visit my classmate chin hian and also have lunch at there.
The movie is interesting and funny
However, compare all Malaysia movie this is the BEST!
I hope that our country have more our Malaysia film.
After the movie,we decide wanted to meet EVON at summit but have not enough time..T.T

Friendship for more than 8 years

i appreciate our relationship so much..muack^^

Monday, January 4, 2010

my BBf

Beloved ones!

I have dinner on christmas eve night...
after that rush to meet my fren at taipan, Roof top..
Luckily,i could rush there at 11.50am..

Monday, December 28, 2009

Genting trip with my best friend EMILY!

We paid RM44 just for few Games!
we just played pirate ship,spinner and the ghost house.
The ghost house doenst feel scary at all even a kids enter wont scream and shout when they came out frm the ghost house..
Bad luck suddenly raining we force to go back hotel to rest..
night we carry on..
genting was too misty that time most of the signature attraction was close tat time.
right on the time something goes wrong to me i feel like want to play 'space shot'
emily said tat I'm crazy! play tat at night.

We looks OMG~

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Day! I got my salary Yahooooooooo......
I just came back from dinner with my parents and 1 of my mum's friends
I belanja them dinner at "Lorong Seratus Tahun"
the meal is absolutely great..
They said i finally grow up now can belanja them d..

I decide to spend my salary on
many things like bags,shoes,& makeup stuff
i think i gonna spend all my money on those stuff(if my mum know it she gonna kill me)

Such a bad day,i saw few of my schoolmates.

Early in the morning when my mum and i was having breakfast with my mum's friends
i saw a guy that i admire before and his friends was just sitting on the next table,
i feel like wanna dig a hole on the ground and put my head on it.
WHY? i saw him on a situation that i looks so ugly....

Dinner time, i saw a guy that i hate him damm much on the same restaurant
LUCKILY the waitress told me that they gonna close
so i can escape to dine at the restaurant tat full of acidic gas.

When my mum decide to go to another restaurant i saw a guy that my gf anti...
right in front of me...
Thanks god he did not see me...
ha ha

Monday, November 2, 2009

Cant wait to go out with Emily this weekend..
she have the invitation card to meet the tvb artist at sunway & summit..
summit is free entrance(i think)
jojo say tat she wanted to go but i don't think she can enter Xp
becuz bz dating wit aaron wakaka

i will upload the pic and my feelings this sat night..

hope to get ryan foo (astro quest) signature if can la...
he looks damm leng zai..

hope tat juztin kah fai also will be at there la...